Explore Uganda's Safari Parks and we're less than an hour's drive from Kibale National Park, the best place for Chimpanzee trekking in Africa.

Kyaninga Lodge

Chimpanzee Safari - Kibale National Park

Begin exploring the wonders of this enchanted region of Africa with our top attraction - the Chimpanzee Safari in Kibale National Park. Deep in the evergreen rainforest of Kibale, you will come face to face with man's closest living relative. Kibale forest is the best place in the world to see Chimpanzees in the wild. The forest is frequently used by documentary film-makers, including the great Attenborough. With the highest density of Chimpanzees in the world, and with 13 other rare primates, the enormous Kibale forest is a world treasure. Situated close to Kibale Forest, Kyaninga Lodge is the perfect place for you to explore this ancient wilderness.

Below are a just a few more of the many other amazing adventures you can have while staying at Kyaninga Lodge. Let us know what you would like to do and we will organise everything...

Kyaninga Lodge

Explore Kyaninga

Perched on the edge of a rare twinned-volcanic crater lake, Kyaninga offers spectacular walks right on your doorstep. Take a guided walk with one of the lodge guides around the rim of the crater lake and see it in all of its majesty. Or a walk down to the Lake through the 'land that time forgot' forest at Kyaninga. Out of Kyaninga, you can tour the local villages and gain a fascinating insight into rural Ugandan life. A little further, and you can take a walk up to the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley itself and stare in wonder as East Africa opens out beneath you. There is so much to do just at Kyaninga, have a look at the activities leaflet here for more info.... 

Kyaninga Lodge, Gorilla Trekking, Uganda

Gorilla Trekking

The Pearl of Africa, Uganda, is a wildlife enthusiast's dream. In the depths of the misty and mysterious mountain rainforest of Bwindi, an experience of a lifetime awaits you. Only eight hundred Mountain Gorillas remain in the wild and almost half of them are in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Take a guided trek through the forest, see amazing sights and species, and come face to face with one of the rarest animals on Earth and one of mankind's closest relatives, the Mountain Gorilla. 

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Rwenzori Mountains

The mythical 'Mountains of the Moon' is where Ptolemy is believed to have placed the source of the Nile in ancient times. Today the Rwenzori Mountains are one of Africa's great untapped gems. The highest mountain range in Africa provides a unique experience for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Equatorial rainforest turns to alpine moorland, to glaciers, and finally to snow covered peaks. With many endangered species and a fascinating biodiversity, it is no surprise that the Rwenzori Mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

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Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth offers you the opportunity of a classic East African Safari experience. See water buffalo, warthogs, cobs, hippos, elephants and even lions in this beautiful expanse at the foot of the Rwenzori Mountains. As well exploring by safari jeep, you must not miss the boat safari. Navigating the Kazinga Channel, linking the great lakes, Edward and George, you will see countless animals along the banks who come to water, feed, and bathe.