The edge of the spectacular crater lake provides the perfect start to your exploration of the beautiful region. Stepping out from your cottage, your adventure begins… Kyaninga Lodge’s attractive gardens provide a stunning setting for relaxation, reflection, and space for games. With amazing wildlife on your doorstep, take a guided walk around the beautiful Kyaninga Crater Lake and Forest.

Crater Rim Walk

The route around the top of the crater takes about an hour and a half  to complete, with spectacular views of the lake, the Ruwenzori Mountains and the beautiful rolling hills of Fort Portal. A guide is not necessary, but available free of charge.

Forest Walk

The route inside the crater is a little tougher than the rim but it is worth if for the sights and sounds of the unspoilt virgin forest

teeming with wildlife and exotic plant species, a must for nature lovers. Here you will see bat caves, troupes of black and white colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys, vervets, and bird species too numerous to mention

Lake Kyaninga

The lake itself, the clearest of western Uganda’s many crater lakes, is two hundred and twenty metres deep. The water in the lake has a very high mineral content which keeps almost all plant life at bay and prevents algae. The lake is bilharzia-free and is therefore is one of the very few Ugandan lakes safe to swim in. The unique experience of swimming in the lake will leave you calm and refreshed, the perfect antidote to a long hot safari. Kayaks and paddleboards are available on request

Ugandan Wildlife Parks

Uganda’s national parks are home to a diverse range of wildlife, including endangered mountain gorillas, elephants, lions, chimpanzees, and many more. These parks offer visitors the opportunity to see these animals in their natural habitat and learn about their conservation.

Kibale Forest National Park (1 hour)

Kibale Forest National Park is Africa’s premier destination for chimpanzee tracking and boasts the highest density of chimpanzees worldwide. The 795 square kilometres of the park is home to at least 60 species of mammal including 13 species of primate including rare red colobus colobus and L’Hoest monkeys, as well as olive baboon, grey cheeked mangabey, bluemonkeys and bush babies. The forest is also home to over 300 species of birds, with six species endemic to the park.

Kibale Forest National Park is not just a wilderness sanctuary but also a conservation success story, where the delicate balance between wildlife and local communities is cherished and protected. Your visit to this natural treasure supports vital conservation efforts and sustainable tourism practices, ensuring the protection of this unique ecosystem for generations to come.

Semuliki National Park (1.5 hours)

Part of the vast Ituri forest, the feature of this park are the two hot springs where visitors can see a jet of hot water several metres high and a large pool of oozing boiling water easily hot enough to boil eggs for lunch!

Queen Elizabeth National Park (1.5 hours)

Uganda´s famous national park stretches over an area of nearly 2,000 sq km. With one of the highest biodiversity ratings worldwide, Queen Elizabeth is home to an incredible 95 species of mammal and over 500 species of bird.

As well as exploring by safari jeep, the boat safari is a must. Navigating the Kazinga Channel, linking Lakes Edward and George, you will see countless animals along the banks who come to water, feed, and bathe including hippos, elephants, crocodiles and buffaloes

Rwenzori Mountains National Park (1.5 hours)

The Rwenzori Mountains are one of Africa’s great untapped gems. The highest mountain range in Africa provides a unique experience for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Equatorial rainforest turns to alpine moorland, to glaciers, and finally to snow covered peaks. With many endangered species and a fascinating biodiversity, it is no surprise that the Rwenzori Mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

You can book a one day specialist trek along the Munyamubuli River through some of Uganda´s most pristine forest.

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