Giving Back


Kyaninga Child Development Centre

Based in Fort Portal, in the Kabarole District of western Uganda, KCDC was established to provide much needed high quality, specialised and affordable assessment, treatment, education and support to children with disabilities, and their families and carers, to enable them to lead more independent lives.



Kyaninga Dairy

Kyaninga Dairy is brand new project that aims is to make the Kyaninga Child Development Centre (KCDC) completely self-sufficient. The project aims at selling goats cheese throughout Uganda with all profits doing to KCDC. The Kyaninga farm was set up, with expert help from the UK. Visit the farm whilst staying at the lodge and taste our delicious cheese!


Kyaninga Forest Foundation

Kyaninga Forest Foundation (KFF) was set-up in 2010 initially to help local communities living near Lake Kyaninga and the surrounding Kyaninga Forest find ways to deal with the ever-increasing demand for natural resources such as firewood. Through this community-based work the urgent need for a wider intervention was identified and KFF attained NGO status in 2017 to address these issues.